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At Collinsville State School our curriculum unit plans are designed to cater for students in multi-age classes by providing differentiated learning experiences.

Our curriculum is aligned with the Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science and History. 

In all other subject areas our curriculum is aligned with the Essential Learnings and Standards of the Queensland Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting (QCAR) Framework.

These subjects areas are:

  • Studies of Society and the Environment (SOSE)
  • Health and Physical Education (HPE)
  • Languages other than English (LOTE)
  • The Arts
  • Technology

Curriculum planning is reviewed and updated each term to ensure our curriculum programs are aligned to new syllabus requirements as they are released.

Teaching and Learning at Collinsville State School is based on the Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (DOTaL) and Explicit Instruction.

Improvement agenda

Our aim at Collinsville State School is to provide each individual student with the opportunities to reach his/her full potential in all the learning areas.

Opportunities will also be provided for the individual in the areas that add value to the literacy, numeracy and social development of our students as “lifelong learners”.

In 2018 our school priorites will be:

  • Reading: in providing reading levels and attitudes in line with Collinsville State School reading framework, consistent tracking and monitoring of reading in all year levels.
  • Spelling: incorporating Spelling Conventions and C2C spelling into classroom routines.
  • Improve student outcomes: focussing on spelling, reading, writing and differentiation.
  • Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Framework: providing a school curriculum, assessment and reporting framework that is evolving and in response to the mandated learning requirements for our students and community.
  • Systemic priorities
  • Attendance: ensuring students are at school, all day, every day in order to be successful at Collinsville State School.
  • Pedagogical Framework: building better teaching practices through a whole school pedagogical approach.
  • Australian Curriculum: embedding English, Maths and Science and Implementing History.
  • Transition Plan: implementing a strong Transition Plan to Collinsville State High School.
  • Closing the Gap: embedding an EATSIPs plan.
  • Learning and Wellbeing Framework:  developing and implementing the framework.
  • Parent and Community Engagement Framework: develop and implement a framework for strong community partnerships.